21 September 2023

Workshops to reduce stress

Workshops to reduce stress and improve well-being at work 🪷


7 September 2023

Organizing an artistic team building

7 artistic teambuilding ideas to encourage the creativity of your employees and improve group cohesion 🎨


31 August 2023

Strengthen trust and communication within your teams

6 team building ideas to boost trust and communication within your teams 🧩


24 August 2023

School starts again soon !

Ready for a back-to-school full of memorable events??📓


31 July 2023

Have a lovely summer

Seminaires online’s team wishes you a good summer! 🌞⛱️


20 July 2023

Improve the productivity of your teams

Workshops to boost the productivity of your employees📈


6 July 2023

Ideas for a successful company year-end party

7 original ideas to organize an exceptional year-end party for your employees. ✨


29 June 2023

The advantages of organizing an end-of-year party for your employees

3 good reasons to organize an end-of-year party for your employees. 🎉


22 June 2023

Séminaires online: partner for successful corporate events

Séminaires online: your partner for successful corporate events! ✨


15 June 2023

Organize an afterwork for your company

Organize an afterwork: a winning strategy for your company! 🍸🎳


8 June 2023

Organize a summer party for your company

How to organize a memorable summer party for your company? 🌞


1 June 2023

Outdoor corporate event

Organize an outdoor corporate event and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors🍃


25 May 2023

Corporate event by the lake

Ideas of nautical activities by the lake for your next corporate event💦


18 May 2023

Develop team performance

Develop team performance through body skills training workshops in urban and rural areas 💪


11 May 2023

Raise collaborators awareness of climate change and CSR issues

A Climate Fresk or CSR Fresk workshop in an eco-responsible place to raise your collaborators’ awareness of climate issues and corporate social responsibility.🌱


4 May 2023

An exceptional corporate seminar in the Douro region of Portugal

An exceptional seminar in one of the oldest vineyards in the world, in the Douro region of Portugal.☀️


27 April 2023

Prepare your next end-of-summer seminar with peace of mind

Tips to organize your next end-of-summer seminar at the end of august / september. 📅


20 April 2023

4 ideas for unusual activities in France around wine and gastronomy

Surprise your collaborators by organizing an unusual and authentic activity in France around wine and gastronomy.🧭


13 April 2023

3 ideas for team buildings around wine and gastronomy in France for a unique and original experience

Give your collaborators a unique and original experience with activities around wine and gastronomy.🍇


6 April 2023

3 french destinations for an out of the ordinary meeting day

Give your employees a unique and authentic experience by organizing a wine seminar in an exceptional place.✨


30 March 2023

Maintain the essential values of the business world

Rugby World Cup in France :
D-486 until the Paris 2024 Olympic Games


23 March 2023

Organize a corporate event on the theme of rugby

Rugby World Cup in France :
What if you took advantage of this opportunity to organize a memorable corporate event(s)? 🏉


16 March 2023

Plan your spring seminar

A spring seminar to reach your goals!🌸


7 March 2023

Plan your corporate events for Spring

After the winter seminars, think about organizing your spring events!🌸


14 February 2023

Seminar: an experience for your collaborators

Organizing a seminar is a memorable experience for your collaborators!✨


26 January 2023

February event: Chandeleur (Candlemas)

It’s almost Chandeleur (Candlemas). What if you organized a crepe party in your company? 🥞


19 January 2023

Idea for an evening show in Paris

Organize an evening show for your employees or clients in a mythical venue.🎭


12 January 2023

January event: the “galette des rois”

Share the “galette des rois” in your company to start the year well.


5 January 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

The entire Séminaires Online team wishes you a happy New Year 2023!! 🥂⭐


21 December 2022

Happy Holidays

The entire Séminaires Online team wishes you a happy and prosperous holiday season!



13 December 2022

2022 Events

Retrospective 2022 📆


8 December 2022

A surprise awaits you!

It’s already Christmas! 🎄


1 December 2022

Company anniversary: ​​Goodies as a souvenir of the event

Which goodies to choose for your company anniversary? 🎂🎁


23 November 2022

Company anniversary: ​​a perfect place for a memorable party

Choose the most suitable venue for your company’s anniversary.🎂🎉


17 November 2022

Company anniversary: a themed day or evening for an unforgettable event.

Choose a theme for a company anniversary. 🎂🎉


10 November 2022

An event to celebrate your company’s anniversary

Why organize a company anniversary? 🎂🎉


27 October 2022

Ski seminar: an unforgettable end-of-seminar evening

End your ski seminar in style with a memorable evening!❄️⭐


18 October 2022

Ski seminar: a friendly moment in a mountain restaurant

Share a friendly moment with your employees in a mountain restaurant.❄️🫕


12 October 2022

Ski seminar: a team building to strengthen cohesion

Choose your team building in the mountains.


4 October 2022

Organize your next ski seminar

Choose the ideal location for your next ski seminar. ❄️🎿


29 September 2022

Organize an afterwork to strengthen the ties between your collaborators

Check-list for a memorable afterwork!🎳📋


22 September 2022

Organize your next team building

Checklist for a well thought-out team building! 🧩📋


13 September 2022

Your next end of year corporate event

Check-list for a well organized end of year corporate event! 🎄📋


6 September 2022

Your next back-to-school event

Check-list for a successful back-to-school event! 📋


30 August 2022

Organize your next seminar in the island of Embiez (South of France)

Surprise your employees and take them to explore the island of Embiez.


9 August 2022

Organize your next corporate event in Avignon (France)

Take your employees to live a unique experience in Avignon.


3 August 2022

Organize your next corporate event in Marseille (France)

Take your employees to discover the charm of Marseille and its surroundings.


27 July 2022

Organize your next corporate event in Lyon (France)

Take your employees to discover the multiple facets of Lyon and its region.


21 July 2022

Place to discover near Paris

Need a change of scenery only a few minutes from Paris? 🌿


13 July 2022

A special thanks to all our clients!

It’s time for graduation! 🎓🏅


7 July 2022

Have a nice summer

The seminaires online’s team wishes you happy holidays! 🏖️🌞


23 June 2022

Innovate for your next end-of-year event

What if you surprise your employees by organizing an original event for the end of the year?


14 June 2022

Organize you next back-to-school seminar

Have you thought of organizing your next back-to-school seminar?


7 June 2022

Organize you next seminar in the Touraine region (Loire Valley)

Take your employees to discover the treasures of the Touraine region (Loire Valley).


18 May 2022

Organize you next summer party!

Time to think of organizing your next evening to bring your employees together for a friendly moment.


11 May 2022

Schedule your next teambuilding!

The importance of teambuilding


5 May 2022

The European Sustainable Development Weeks are coming soon! 

The perfect time to organize a residential seminar on the theme of sustainable development!


20 April 2022

Your next afterwork to enjoy the beautiful evenings

Gather your employees for a friendly outdoor afterwork!


13 April 2022

Your next seminar in the great outdoors

Your next seminar in the great outdoors: how about taking your employees out for some fresh air?


1 April 2022

Need to meet and share to consolidate your team

Need to meet and share to consolidate your team


17 February 2022

Back to face-to-face events with the lifting of restrictions gradually in February! ! 📝

Back to face-to-face events with the lifting of restrictions gradually in February!


1 February 2022

Personalize your events with music !

Energize your event with music so that it becomes unique!


26 January 2022

Your next CSR events ! 🌍

A new collective and fun CSR workshop !


27 September 2021

Your next face-to-face seminar ! 📝

Face-to-face seminars !


10 September 2021

Face-to-face and remote team cohesion ! 👍

Think about face-to-face and remote team cohesion !


1 September 2021

Your back-to-school event to prepare ! ☑

Back to school time has come ! What are your new event projects ?


13 July 2021

Your face-to-face, remote or hybrid events ! 🎦

Our solutions for your face-to-face, remote or hybrid events !


6 July 2021

Soon the holidays, think your next event ! 🌅

How about organizing your return to school before going on vacation ?


22 June 2021

Your next events ! ☀

Let’s organize all your next events together !


8 June 2021

Your next seminar in the mountains ! 🌄

The mountain in all seasons !


1 June 2021

Your next face-to-face or hybrid event… 🌄

Your next face-to-face, remote or hybrid events !


26 May 2021

Your next events outside! 🌻

Your events outside !


18 May 2021

Your next hybrid event ! 💻

Realize your hybrid events !


4 May 2021

Your outdoor events ! 🍃

Come get some air !


28 April 2021

Reward your employees… 👥

Thank and reward your remote employees !


21 April 2021

The coffee break is essential during your day ! ⏰

The break is essential during your digital event or your teleworking day !


13 April 2021

Give your employees a cultural experience ! 🏰

If you can’t go to museums anymore, culture comes to you !


7 April 2021

Lighten your schedule for an active meeting ! ⏰

During a digital event, consider reducing your schedule for the day to keep your audience awake ! *


30 March 2021

Organize your event on the theme of Easter… 🔔

Organize your event on Easter !


23 March 2021

Your event on the theme of spring ! 🌱

Enjoy Spring remotely !


16 March 2021

Your digital event with a festive touch ! 🍻

In addition to your event, bet on an original and festive touch !


10 March 2021

Remote participatory activities ! 💻

Your participatory remote activities !


2 March 2021

Film in the office and broadcast in streaming ! 📹

Broadcast your event to your employees from your offices !


23 February 2021

Teambuilding and remote CSR Animations ! 🌍

Teambuilding & CSR Animations online and remotely !


16 February 2021

Your remote mountain entertainment ! ❄

The mountain comes to you !


9 February 2021

Remote cultural activities and team cohesion ! 💻

Remote cultural events & teambuildings !


2 February 2021

Receive your box for your digital event ! 🎁

Boost your teambuilding remotely with boxes delivered to each home of your employees !


27 January 2021

Your needs for digital events… 💻

Adapted solutions for all your remote events !


19 January 2021

Interactive solutions during your convention ! 💻

Targeted and interactive solutions for your remote convention !


12 January 2021

Your meeting in a small committee, remotely ! 💻

Your events on a human scale and remotely !


5 January 2021

Happy New Year 2021 ! ⭐

The entire Séminaires Online team sends you its best wishes for health, serenity and prosperity for the year 2021 !


15 December 2020

Your remote greetings ! 🎉

Remember to present your wishes remotely to your employees and/or your customers !


9 December 2020

Your personalized digital event to your image ! 🎨

Hyper-personalization : your tailor-made online events !


1 December 2020

Do yourself good ! 👍

At the end of the year, do yourself some good and refocus on your body !


24 November 2020

Remote teambuilding and Your CSR Policy ! 🌳

For your remote activities, think CSR !


17 November 2020

Thank your employees and your customers ! 🎁

At the end of the year, bring together your employees and / or your customers around original / fun activities remotely and reward them !


10 November 2020

Your end-of-year celebrations with your employees ! 🎅

Organize your end-of-year celebrations remotely with Séminaires Online !


3 November 2020

Solutions adapted for your remote events !

Your seminars, meetings, conventions, workshops, events & teambuilding remotely with Séminaires Online !


27 October 2020

Your ecological team building to boost your teams ! 💪

Organize your ecological teambuilding to boost the cohesion of your teams in the heart of nature and in complete health safety !


19 October 2020

Use a Web App – Remote Event 📱

Séminaires Online offers you events in your image using a personalized web application !


6 October 2020

Boost your convention remotely ! 👏

Séminaires Online offers remote activities to bring PEPS to your event !


29 September 2020

Your convention on TV show! 🎦

Séminaires Online offers you 100% digital turnkey solutions adapted to your specifications !


22 September 2020

Enjoy the Indian summer ! ☀️

Enjoy the Indian summer with Séminaires Online !


8 September 2020

Large spaces for your seminars… 🌍

Your next seminar in sufficiently large spaces and ventilated to conform to the distancing between employees!


1 September 2020

Your next event in the heart of nature ! 🍃

Your next event in the heart of nature with Séminaires Online !


25 August 2020

Back to Work in safety ! 📅

Back to Work in safety, it’s time to plan your next events !


23 July 2020

Discover hybrid events: a new event experience !

What is a hybrid event ?


7 July 2020

DIY Workshop and Remote Lunch with Séminaires Online

Discover our new solutions for your remote meetings and teambuildings !

A remote DIY (Do It Yourself) Cosmetics Workshop,
The organization of a remote lunch with your employees while tasting dishes from a renowned chef !!


30 June 2020

Our new solutions for your teambuildings and remote meetings

Now, you must :

  • Bring your employees together without taking health risks and respecting barrier gestures,
  • Continue to inform and unite your teams,
  • Keep the link between your teams, despite the distance,
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging to the company to create commitment and motivation needed today and in the context of the recovery.

16 June 2020

Our tailor-made digital solutions : Your TV set with Séminaires Online

Continue to organize your events by bringing together your speakers and allowing interaction with your guests remotely. The solution is the TV studio.


2 June 2020

Our tailor-made digital solutions & Remote Workshops !

Find out how to carry out remote workshops to grow out of the Covid 19 crisis.


26 May 2020

Our tailor-made solutions for your remote events – Episode 4

Find our new digital solutions to enable your employees to stay connected by keeping the link and having fun.


12 May 2020

Your tailor-made solutions remotely : Meetings and events – Episode 3

While waiting to resume face-to-face meetings and in addition to the remote solutions that we had previously proposed to you, we are presenting new devices that we have tested for you.

We are therefore delighted to introduce three new modes of remote entertainment to allow your employees to stay in touch and continue to interact together.


5 May 2020

Remote Meeting & Teambuilding – Episode 2

While waiting to find the way to face-to-face events, Séminaires Online offers you a 100% Digital solution!

Bringing employees on a day or more, using a tool that covers all applications of a classic event: meeting room, in committee rooms, entertainment, interaction between participants…


28 April 2020

Remote Animation & Teambuilding – Episode 1

Bring together employees to spend a pleasant time together!


10 March 2020

Your Back to School Seminar in France or abroad !

It’s time to think about your back-to-school seminar at the end of August, September or October!


4 February 2020

Your next event in a historic domain !

Located 30 minutes from Paris, in the Chevreuse Valley, come and discover this former 17th century hunting estate surrounded by its water moats.


26 November 2019

Your next event in an domain in Chantilly !

Your green seminar at 30 minutes from Paris Gare du Nord and CDG airport.


14 November 2019

Your event in Dordogne !

At 1h15 from Bordeaux and 4h15 from Paris by train, go back in time in Dordogne-Périgord.


5 November 2019

Your event in La Baule !

In the south of Bretagne, in the middle of a vast protected pine forest, discover a land of character backed by the famous salt marshes of Guérande and the regional natural park of Brière, an authentic territory where time seems to stand still.


22 October 2019

Your end of year event !

The end of year celebrations are fast approaching and company evenings are getting organized. Snack and Christmas tree for children, gifts and end of year drink or dinner with all the teams… The formats vary according to the inspirations and desires of each.