6 team building ideas to boost trust and communication within your teams 🧩



Trust and communication are fundamental elements within a team.


We have prepared a list of ideas for stimulating activities that help strengthen relationships between your employees and promote communication:


1. A team building workshop 🧩


Challenge your teams with collaborative building activities. Whether building Lego or Kapla structures, or cardboard cars, these exercises require mutual trust and effective communication to succeed.


2. Role-playing games 🎭


Role-playing games are a fun way to improve communication between your employees. Create scenarios relevant to your industry and encourage your employees to speak up, listen carefully and solve problems together.


3. A collaborative treasure hunt🧭


Organize a scavenger hunt that challenges teams to work together to solve puzzles and achieve goals. This activity stimulates communication, problem solving and collective decision-making.


4. A team art activity 🎨


Art can be a great way to build confidence. Organize a group painting session, a sculpture-making activity or a collaborative drawing workshop. These activities promote individual expression while encouraging respect and appreciation for the ideas of others.


5. An escape game 🗝️


Escape games require effective communication and good collaboration to solve puzzles and get out in a limited time. This activity engages participants in challenges that highlight the importance of coordination and communication within the team.


6. A cooking workshop 🧑‍🍳


Put your employees in the kitchen! This fun activity encourages communication, coordination and the sharing of responsibilities, while offering a friendly moment, ideal for strengthening ties.



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