8 ideas of games and activities for dynamic afterworks ⚡



Afterwork is not just a simple outing afterwork. It is also an opportunity to strengthen bonds between colleagues, relax the atmosphere and create lasting memories.


We have selected some ideas for livening up your afterwork events with games and activities that promote interaction and conviviality.


1. Themed Quiz ❓


Organize a themed quiz on various topics such as culture, music, company history, or recent news. Form teams for a friendly competitive spirit and don’t forget to provide a prize for the winning team!


2. Riddles and Treasure Hunt 🗝️


Transform your meeting place into a playground with puzzles and a treasure hunt. Scatter clues throughout the afterwork venue so participants can solve puzzles and discover the final treasure.


3. Karaoke 🎤


Nothing like karaoke to break the ice! Encourage participants to get on stage and show off their vocal talent. You will be amazed to discover the hidden talents of your employees.


4. Musical Blind Test 🎶


Test your employees’ musical knowledge by organizing a blind test. Play song clips and ask participants to guess the artist and title.


5. Baby-foot or Ping-Pong tournament 🏓


If your company has a baby-foot or ping-pong table, organize a tournament within your company. If this is not the case, you can relocate the event to a specialized establishment. This activity, which combines sporting competition and relaxation, is perfect for creating an atmosphere that is both entertaining and competitive.


6. Photobooth 📷


Set up a photobooth with fun props so attendees can take souvenir photos of the afterwork. Good times of laughter in perspective!


7. Board Games 🎲


Offer a variety of fun board games and encourage your colleagues to join in the fun around a table.


8. DIY workshops 🖼️


Offer creative workshops where participants can make objects to take home as a souvenir of the afterwork.



To create a memorable afterwork, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect activity and location.


As soon as we receive your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs.

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