Choose your team building in the mountains.


The wonderful mountain setting, conducive to relaxation and group activities, is ideal for strengthening the ties between your teams, strengthening cohesion and creating common memories.


The ski resorts offer many very varied activities ranging from the most classic to the most original, the most difficult being to choose the team building best suited to your objectives.


By opting for a classic activity, you could, for example, organize an introduction to alpine or cross-country skiing, a snowshoe hike, dog sledding, a sleigh run, an outing to the ice rink, or even an orientation trail.


Far from traditional activities, why not have your employees take part in an avalanche rescue simulation, which will make them aware of the dangers of the mountains and the importance of staying united as a team?


Even more atypical, you could also propose an igloo construction challenge, where your employees will have to be attentive to the instructions and organized or risk seeing their beautiful work fall before their eyes!


Good moments of fun and beautiful memories together in perspective!


To help you make the right choice, we remind you of the need to prepare the specifications well in advance (you can help yourself with the checklist that we prepared for you in September!). Do not hesitate to contact Seminaires Online to discuss it!


As soon as we receive your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs.

See you soon!

Best regards,

The whole Séminaires Online team.