Give meaning to your events with a solidarity CSR activity to take action against energy poverty. 🤝💡



This week, we are delighted to present to you an exceptional CSR solidarity activity, an experience that goes beyond simple team building to allow your company to make a real difference in the lives of children around the world.


Its objective: to raise awareness among your employees about the problems of energy poverty while strengthening cohesion and commitment within your company.


Discover the 3 stages of this unique experience and prepare to live an extraordinary humanitarian mission with your colleagues:


Step 1. Reception and awareness:


During this first stage, your employees will be made aware of the importance of energy in the daily lives of thousands of children in need with a presentation on the challenges linked to energy poverty.


Step 2. Assembling the lamps and writing a message of hope:


Your collaborators will be tasked with assembling solar lamps while writing a message of hope for the child who will receive this lamp. A group photo, with the lamps lit, will then immortalize this precious moment.


Step 3. Quiz, brainstorming and action plan:


During this final stage, your employees will be put to the test with a quiz on energy poverty.

As a team, they will then be invited to give free rein to their creativity to propose environmental and societal actions within the company.

At the end of this brainstorming session, each team will have to create a short video to present their project. Finally, a vote will take place to elect the best project.


An activity that demonstrates your commitment to your CSR approach


By integrating this solidarity activity, your company demonstrates its commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.

Because this activity is not limited to one day. It offers a unique opportunity to raise awareness, take action and create lasting change.



For more information about this solidarity activity and other engaging experiences, contact us today. We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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