Organize an unforgettable Christmas tree!🎄



This beautiful tradition, initially intended for families, has found its place within businesses. This is a great opportunity to strengthen team cohesion, express gratitude to your colleagues and create unforgettable memories.



Why organize a corporate Christmas tree?


There are many benefits to organizing a corporate Christmas tree. It allows to :


Celebrate successes:

A corporate Christmas tree is the perfect time to celebrate the successes of the past year. This is an opportunity to recognize the hard work of your employees.


Strengthen cohesion:

This event brings together your colleagues in a festive setting. This is an opportunity to create bonds between members of your team, encourage interaction between colleagues and strengthen team spirit.


Express your gratitude:

By organizing a Christmas tree, you show your colleagues that you appreciate their work. It is a symbolic gesture that strengthens the morale of the team.


Create lasting memories:

The joyful moments shared during a Christmas tree stay etched in the memories of the participants. These positive memories help strengthen company culture.


Entertainment for all tastes


A corporate Christmas tree can be personalized to suit your needs and your company culture. You can plan activities adapted to all tastes.

For children, you can offer a show, a makeup workshop, fun games and for adults, a quiz or even board games.

Let’s not forget the buffet and the long-awaited visit from Santa Claus, who brings the magic of Christmas to the event and delights the children.


Building connections for the year ahead


Celebrating Christmas at work goes well beyond simple entertainment. It’s an investment in the future of your business. By strengthening the bonds between your colleagues, you create a solid foundation for the year to come.



If you want to bring the magic of Christmas into your business, don’t wait too long, because locations and service providers quickly book up as the end-of-year holidays approach.

Contact us today to arrange your Christmas tree and create lasting memories with your colleagues.


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