It’s almost Chandeleur (Candlemas). What if you organized a crepe party in your company? 🥞


Organizing a crepe party in your company can be a fun and relaxed way to bring together employees and strengthen relationships between colleagues.


Here are some ingredients for a successful crepe party:


✔️ Choose a date and time that is convenient for most employees.


✔️ Prepare the ingredients for the crepes and make sure you have enough flour, milk, eggs and sugar. Don’t forget the toppings, such as fresh fruit, nuts, melted chocolate and jam.


✔️ Have enough crepe pans and spatulas for everyone.


✔️ Invite employees to participate by sending them an e-mail or posting an announcement at the entrance of the company.


✔️ Encourage employees to come up with original crepe recipes or toppings to make it even more fun.
Don’t forget to take photos of the event to share with colleagues or on company social media.


Your employees will surely keep wonderful memories of this moment!


Need help in organizing your next crepe party?
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