Your seminars, meetings, conventions, workshops, events & teambuilding remotely with Séminaires Online !

You want to continue to inform, unite your teams and keep the link despite the current health constraints.

You need to strengthen the sense of belonging to the company and create the commitment and motivation that is needed today.

You always want to be in a dynamic approach and be able to convey strong messages to your participants.

You need to organize your event but you are wondering how ?

We bring you the ideal solutions adapted to all your projects (seminars, meetings, conventions, congresses, workshops, entertainment and teambuilding…) to meet your request and your needs in complete safety.


The ideal and quick alternative to continue communicating with your remote employees while bringing your speakers together in the best possible security conditions ! Recreate many interactions with your remote guests and broadcast your conferences live or recorded on the Internet. Another advantage of Streaming ? The video remains online after the meeting. Product presentations, Web conferences, internal communication, remote meetings and conventions… So many options and possibilities to strengthen your communication projects.


Use an intuitive and tailor-made mobile and web application to personalize your event remotely ! Script your event through numerous interventions and make the most of the means of interacting with the audience : zoom, games, live message, interviews, questions / answers, word cloud, emojis, collaborative work sessions, announcements, etc… All our applications are graphically personalized to respond to the image of your company as well as the theme of your event.


We offer you a complete solution to be able to communicate differently, in a 3D environment in real time. A catalog of more than 70 virtual studios and 3D TV sets to carry out your events in the form of participatory TV programs (chat, Q&A, Quizz, Cloud, emojis, Logolive…). From the color to the texture of the walls, your studio is fully configurable, the choice is yours !


Culinary murders from afar, online laughter workshop, home lunches / recipes, live coach, online choirs, video games, online escape games, blind tastings and remote team cooking… So we thought about it in collaboration with our partners to several ideas of remote activities & teambuilding in order to strengthen the links between employees and not lose contact !


#1 – The remote business : After several weeks of teleworking, this remote seminar aims to help teams identify areas for progress and collective successes to transform post-crisis working methods and keep what deserves to be.

#2 – The company according to : This remote seminar divided into 3 sessions will allow your teams to take a step back from the pandemic and create the space-time to invent the company of tomorrow, more aligned with the current issues that the participants will have identified.

#3 – The frugal company : This remote seminar will allow you to identify concrete actions to be carried out within your organization to meet needs (employees / customers) in the simplest and most efficient way possible using a minimum of means.

Séminaires Online brings you solutions suitable for your employees, responding to all your projects and all your desires in complete safety !

We are at your disposal to discuss and propose tailored offerings to meet your needs and expectations.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and see you soon !

Best regards,

The entire Séminaires Online team.