Have you thought of organizing your next back-to-school seminar?


In a few days, it will be summer, and your employees would be going on vacation. It’s time to think about your next back-to-school seminar.


As you know, the back-to-school seminar is an important event in the life of a company and its employees. It allows the company to take stock of the current year, to communicate on its future projects, and this, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. This is also the perfect time to strengthen the bonds between the teams and re-motivate them.


At the sea, in the countryside, in the mountains or even in town, there are many places and formats suitable for this kind of event.


You could, for example, organize a residential seminar in the mountains and alternate meeting slots with activities such as hikes, Olympics or even treasure hunts…


Moments conducive to exchanges, sharing and conviviality!



You are planning to organize a back-to-school seminar, but you have not had or have not had the time to take care of it, we could take care of it! Do not hesitate to contact Seminaires Online!



As soon as we receive your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs.

See you soon!

Best regards,

The whole Séminaires Online team.