How to integrate sophrology into your corporate seminars?



Company seminars are essential moments to strengthen team cohesion, address managerial issues and improve the performance of your company.


Why not add an extra dimension by integrating sophrology workshops?


Sophrology, a method that combines relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness, can improve mental well-being and promote concentration.


Find out how you can leverage this innovative approach for more enriching seminars.


What is sophrology?


Sophrology is a technique based on relaxation, meditation, breathing, and visualization. Its goal is to bring you to mindfulness, a mental state conducive to introspection, relaxation and improved mental well-being.


How to integrate sophrology workshops into your seminars?


You can start each seminar day with a “muscle awakening” for the mind. Short sophrology workshops are perfect for refocusing your employees before diving into the heart of the matter.


For a more in-depth experience, longer sophrology workshops will allow you to further explore the practice of sophrology, to dig into the needs and expectations of the participants and to have a moment of exchange on their experiences in order to put words about their feelings.


Personalized follow-up for lasting results


Regularity is the key to optimizing the positive effects of sophrology. To do this, you can suggest to your colleagues that they extend the experience with regular sessions after the seminar. These sessions can take place on your premises or in a setting conducive to relaxation.


The advantages of sophrology in business


Integrating sophrology into your seminars has many advantages for your employees.This allows in particular:

– improve their well-being

– to help them manage stress

– to strengthen their concentration

– to promote better communication within the team

– to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence

– improve their sleep

– to (re)learn to breathe, to relax and to gain perspective on their feelings and emotions



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