Check-list for a successful back-to-school event! 📋


It’s September, are you ready for your next event?


☑️ STEP 1:

Define the type of event.


☑️ STEP 2:

Define the objective of your event.


☑️ STEP 3:

Determine the category of guests.


☑️ STEP 4:

Determine a date.


☑️ STEP 5:

Determine a location or type of site you would like.


☑️ STEP 6:

 Determine a number of participants.


☑️ STEP 7:

 Establish a budget.


☑️ STEP 8:

Contact your event agency and send them your specifications.


☑️ STEP 9:

Choose from the proposals submitted by your event agency.


☑️ STEP 10:

You can relax, your agency takes care of the rest, from taking the brief to invoicing!


And even if your checklist is not complete, contact us! We will be happy to help you fill it out!

Do not hesitate any longer, call on an expert and contact Séminaires Online!


As soon as we receive your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs.

See you soon!

Best regards,

The whole Séminaires Online team.