Rugby World Cup in France :
D-486 until the Paris 2024 Olympic Games


The Summer Olympic Games, whose next edition will be held in France, in Paris, from July 26 to August 11, 2024, bring together each time thousands of international athletes through different competitions.


If we talk to you about the Olympic Games today, it is because Olympism and sport have values that can also be applied to the business world such as :

▪️ competition, performance and excellence

▪️ commitment and surpassing oneself (especially for public speaking or to achieve goals)

▪️ solidarity and respect

▪️ union and collaboration


All of these values, which are essential for the smooth running of a company, must be regularly worked on and maintained, just as an athlete must continually train.


There are many solutions for this.


You can, for example, organize :

▪️ team buildings (to strengthen the links between your collaborators, challenge them, and develop team spirit)

▪️ workshops with speakers to provide or strengthen new skills (self-confidence, public speaking, self-improvement…)

▪️ afterworks, company parties (to create links between your employees, strengthen team cohesion, etc.)

▪️ seminars during which you can combine different formulas (meetings, workshops, team buildings, afterworks, …) in order to achieve a specific objective.

▪️ award ceremonies to thank and congratulate your collaborators for their work


It is up to you to choose the format that best suits your objectives and to determine a date.



The entire Séminaires Online team is of course at your disposal for any questions or requests you may have on this subject.


As soon as we receive your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs.

See you soon!

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The whole Séminaires Online team.