Animation driving course at the Circuit of Haute Saintonge (France) on January 26, 2023 (18 persons).


  • Format: Animation driving course followed by a dinner.
  • Place: Circuit de Haute Saintonge in La Génétouze and restaurant La Cour in Angoulême (France).
  • Objectives: 
    • Reward the employees.
    • Strengthen the links between collaborators.
  • In the program:
    • Arrival of participants in the early afternoon.
    • Coffee reception.
    • Briefing on the course of the ½ day and on the piloting techniques.
    • 2 laps of discovery of the track in passenger of the instructors.
    • 4 series of 4 laps per person.
    • End of the series and debriefing with the instructors around a glass of Champagne.
    • Departure of the participants at the end of the afternoon in direction of Angoulême for the dinner.
    • Dinner.

The participants left delighted with their day.

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Florence ZANO
CEO of Séminaires Online


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