Culinary workshop in the form of a challenge with tasting on site for 18 people on october 06, 2022.


  • Format: Culinary workshop in the form of a challenge and sit-down dinner.
  • Place: L’Atelier des Chefs in Paris (France).
  • Objectives: 
    • Bring together and unite employees.
    • Create a link and share a convivial moment.
  • In the program:
    • Welcome with an aperitif.
    • Constitution of teams and allocation of coaches.
    • Announcement of the instructions (preparation of a dinner with mystery baskets).
    • Launch of the culinary challenge.
    • Tasting in the form of a sit-down dinner.
    • Departure of the participants.

Some employees discovered their hidden talents and were proud to show their achievements.

Understand the strategic challenge of the event and find the most suitable activity.

Florence ZANO
CEO of Séminaires Online


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  • Research and selection of the event venue and service providers.
  • Coordination of the event.