Study day coupled with a festive evening for 27 people on May 11, 2022.


  • Format: Meetings, exchanges with a speaker from the world of sport, and festive evening (karaoke).
  • Place: Comet Meetings Ternes and BAM Karaoké Box Etoile in Paris.
  • Objectives: 
    • Bring together and federate employees.
    • Organize and set up a meeting on a specific topic.
    • Strengthen links between employees and share a pleasant moment.
  • In the program:
    • Arrival of participants with welcome coffee.
    • Plenary meeting and sub-committee workshop.
    • Revitalizing Wellness session (15 min).
    • Coffee break.
    • Intervention of a specialist from the world of sport.
    • Lunch.
    • Plenary meeting and sub-committee workshop.
    • Dinner outside (free).
    • Karaoke evening in a private room at the BAM Karaoké Box Etoile.

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Florence ZANO
CEO of Séminaires Online


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