Evening for 130 people with bus transport on October 13, 2021.


  • Format: Festive evening with transport.
  • Place: Château de Méridon in Chevreuse (78).
  • Objective:  To meet and share a pleasant moment face to face after one year and half outside of the office.
  • In the program:
    • Transport by bus to the Château de Méridon.
    • Aperitif cocktail with wines, smoothies and soft drinks.
    • Speech.
    • Photobooth stand throughout the evening.
    • Seated buffet dinner.
    • Musical quiz entertainment during dinner.
    • Dance party with DJ Return by bus.

Understand the strategic challenge of the event and find the best place for their evening.

Florence ZANO
CEO of Séminaires Online


Our service:

  • Research and selection of the place of the event in correspondence with the specifications.
  • Location and organization of the event (research and selection of service providers).
  • Organization and support during the event.