Virtual teambuilding on the theme of CSR on Friday 07 May 2021.


  • Format : Remote digital teambuilding on the theme of CSR.
  • Places : Each participant was at his home.
  • Hardware : A platform dedicated to remote play.
  • Goals :
    1. Perpetuate the tradition of this event during an integration day.
    2. Always be in a disruptive and innovative approach.
    3. Through this digital experience, the participants felt :
      • a feeling of belonging to a privileged community,
      • the feeling of taking part in something very innovative with surprise effects,
      • a sense of pride in working in this company which will have been able to use the digital opportunity and be hyper reactive by setting up this type of event.

Understand the strategic issue of the event and adapt to any eventuality when playing live.

Florence ZANO
CEO of  Séminaires Online


Our service :

  • Proposal of several animations which corresponded to the specifications.
  • Follow-up of the file, upstream tests and coordination before the event.
  • Organization and support during the event.