Teambuilding for 150 people from January 22 to 26, 2021.


  • Format : remote teambuilding over a week from Monday to Friday with a minimum of 150 participants.
  • Places : each participant is at his home or office.
  • Hardware : platform dedicated to the game.
  • Objectives : 5 identical game sessions spread over the week in French and English :
    1. Randomly composed teams.
    2. Help at any time of the game with the different teams.
    3. Duration of 1 hour in French and English.
    4. Ranking at the end of the week of the different teams.

Understand the strategic issue of the event and adapt to all eventualities during the game sessions.

Florence ZANO
CEO of  Séminaires Online


Our service :

  • Proposal for team building corresponding to the specifications.
  • Upstream tests with the client and appointment with the Director of the information systems to ensure that the URL links are whitelisted.
  • Organization and support during the event.