Meeting of 150 people over half-day coupled with interactive tools, collaborative and interactive animations.


  • Format : half-day remote meeting with 150 participants via Teams.
  • Places : each participant will be at home or at his office.
  • Material : Teams.
  • Content : 5 highlights spread over the day :
    1. To begin, the arrival of participants with their Teams video conference tool and implementation of the interactive tool.
    2. Icebreaker – Speech and presentation of the CEO’s figures coupled with moments of interaction with employees to boost the event.
    3. Then, the projection of videos with a montage in order to highlight few collaborators.
    4. At last, the remote teambuilding challenging 3 teams for each challenge – based on 30 teams supervised by 11 facilitators.
    5. Finally, end of the meeting by the organizers with a reveal of photos of the 150 employees.

Understand the strategic issue of the meeting and find the best suitable tools for your event.

Florence ZANO
CEO of  Séminaires Online


Our service :

  • Firstly, the search for interactive tools and collaborative animation solutions.
  • Secondly, file follow-up and upstream tests.
  • Thirdly, remote event coordination.