Meeting of 65 people over one day coupled with interactive tools, collaborative and interactive animations.


    • Format : one-day remote seminar with 65 participants via Zoom.
    • Places : chaque participant est à son domicile.
    • Hardware : Zoom et Skype.
    • Content : 4 highlights spread over the day
      1. To begin, the restitution organized by us punctuated by interactive tools.
      2. Then, setting up the animation “Workshop of Laughter” on the theme “Pleasure and Laughter” for 30/45 minutes in the morning after the restitution.
      3. At last, realization of the Team Building activity : Challenge for 1 hour to 1:30 for a dynamic team.
      4. Finally, end of the meeting and closing with a speech punctuated by interactive tools.

    Understand the strategic issue of the meeting and find the tools best suited to the event.

    Florence ZANO
    CEO of  Séminaires Online


    Our service :

    • Firstly, the search for interactive tools and collaborative animation solutions.
    • Secondly, file follow-up and upstream tests.
    • Thirdly, remote event coordination.