Bring together 9 collaborators and become an actor of your own destiny.

This event brought together 9 employees during a remote team building.
Context of the escape game : as the best detectives in your country, you have been selected by the Duchess of Calembour, one of the greatest billionaires in the world, to succeed in the challenge she has launched. Indeed, your objective is to find in which country she lost her biggest diamond ! But, which country will find the diamond first ?

The goal is to spend and share a good time together in order to re-boost.

Unite the teams and make sure that the participants have fun during the teambuilding.

Florence ZANO
CEO of  Séminaires Online

Our service :

  • Research and selection of teambuilding.
  • Organization of the videoconference with sub-groups.
  • Coordination, demonstration and testing before the event.