Remote conference over 4 half-days in October 2020 for 80 people in the medical industry and setting up of a platform and re-broadcasting of interventions.

In the program :

  • Pre-recorded or live content followed by Questions / Answers from participants allowing interactivity with speakers;
  • Podcasts available on the platform;
  • Presentations by speakers;
  • Setting up of virtual rooms: Workshops (around 10 people per room) in parallel with the conference;
  • Provision of a poll and votes;
  • Replay accessible on the platform and integration of content on the client’s website.

The event brought together 80 people remotely and the organization of the conference was a great success by the users. The experience will therefore have to be repeated later.

Adapt to customer requirements and offer suitable solutions.

Florence ZANO
CEO of Séminaires Online

Our service :

  • Search and selection of service providers.
  • Upstream technical tests.
  • Remote event coordination.