Your personalized digital event to your image ! 🎨

Hyper-personalization : your tailor-made online events !


Do yourself good ! 👍

At the end of the year, do yourself some good and refocus on your body !


Remote teambuilding and Your CSR Policy ! 🌳

For your remote activities, think CSR !


Your end-of-year celebrations with your employees ! 🎅

Organize your end-of-year celebrations remotely with Séminaires Online !


Boost your convention remotely ! 👏

Séminaires Online offers remote activities to bring PEPS to your event !


Discover hybrid events: a new event experience !

What is a hybrid event ?


DIY Workshop and Remote Lunch with Séminaires Online

Discover our new solutions for your remote meetings and teambuildings !

A remote DIY (Do It Yourself) Cosmetics Workshop,
The organization of a remote lunch with your employees while tasting dishes from a renowned chef !!


Our new solutions for your teambuildings and remote meetings

Now, you must :

  • Bring your employees together without taking health risks and respecting barrier gestures,
  • Continue to inform and unite your teams,
  • Keep the link between your teams, despite the distance,
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging to the company to create commitment and motivation needed today and in the context of the recovery.

Our tailor-made solutions for your remote events – Episode 4

Find our new digital solutions to enable your employees to stay connected by keeping the link and having fun.


Your tailor-made solutions remotely : Meetings and events – Episode 3

While waiting to resume face-to-face meetings and in addition to the remote solutions that we had previously proposed to you, we are presenting new devices that we have tested for you.

We are therefore delighted to introduce three new modes of remote entertainment to allow your employees to stay in touch and continue to interact together.


Remote Meeting & Teambuilding – Episode 2

While waiting to find the way to face-to-face events, Séminaires Online offers you a 100% Digital solution!

Bringing employees on a day or more, using a tool that covers all applications of a classic event: meeting room, in committee rooms, entertainment, interaction between participants…


Remote Animation & Teambuilding – Episode 1

Bring together employees to spend a pleasant time together!