A new collective and fun CSR workshop !


  1. First, accelerate the development of eco-responsible practices among your employees.
  2. Second, reduce your carbon impact.
  3. And thirdly, preserve natural resources.

Details of the proposed workshop:

  • Overall, immerse yourself in 2 hours of animation built on the principles of collective intelligence and the psychology of engagement
  • Then, immerse yourself in inspiring content based on IPCC reports and the work of ADEME
  • And develop with the help of the facilitator a “practical” approach facilitating the passage to action of the greatest number (regardless of their level of commitment, everyone can find useful content to go further)
  • In short, acquire a gamified experience supplemented with useful post-workshop materials to concretize the commitments made
  • And finally, add personalized content related to your CSR strategy
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This unique adventure, inspired by the concept of Escape Games, board games and TV games, invites you to embark on a virtual and express journey to the 4 corners of France. In the footsteps of a famous explorer, you will meet citizens of the world. They will throw you challenges in the form of quizzes, puzzles and missions of all kinds. Indeed, you will be connected with all the other players thanks to a videoconferencing tool. Finally, you will be guided by a game master during your entire expedition and will have 2 hours to complete your challenges.

Each challenge will be linked to an environmental theme and will allow you to deepen your knowledge on :
– The causes and consequences of climate change
– The impact of our daily activities on our planet
– Simple solutions to reduce our impact

So, will you win the coveted title of “Best Actors for Ecology” ?

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/

Do you want to make your business greener smoothly and happily ? This workshop is made for you !

Through 3 steps, here are the missions that you will have to complete with your collaborators :
Put yourself in the skin of an employee a bit crazy and involved in his company’s CSR
Give free rein to your imagination to imagine the implementation of eco-responsible actions
Provide yourself with your best argument to convince the other participants of the need to implement your favorite action in “real life”

In summary, get ready to experience moments of fun and co-creation. The goal is to bring out beautiful green and realistic ideas to implement in your business !

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/

Virtually imprisoned in an apartment with your team, your mission will be to find the main door and get out as quickly as possible ! Connected with the other players in video, you will be able to collaborate and exchange during the whole adventure to fulfill your mission together.

With the information gathered in a room, you will solve puzzles and find the code allowing you to arrive in the next room. As you move from one room to another in the apartment, you will learn more about eco-gestures currents. Thus, you can think about how to put them in place on a daily basis to reduce your environmental impact.

Finally, your game session will be followed by a debrief with your game master. This moment will be important to allow you to deepen certain notions if you wish.

So, will you show enough courage, logic and knowledge to take up your mission ?

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/

Winning a forest to fight against global warming.

Gathered in a team of 8 employees, you will embark on a race against the clock of one hour. You will have to solve as many puzzles as possible and small workshops on climate themes. For example, forests around the world, water pollution control, sand on earth… Each correct answer will increase your tree count ! To complete your mission, you have to be collective intelligence and strategy. But don’t panic, you will be accompanied by a guide and nature specialist, all you need is an internet connection and your mood ! If you didn’t get the maximum number of trees, you’ll have to go through one last challenge together…

Goodies : 100 trees planted by the Action Reforect partner and concrete action to highlight your CSR policy.

Upon receipt of your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs,

In the meantime, take care of yourself and see you soon !

Best regards,

The entire Séminaires Online team.