Our solutions for your face-to-face, remote or hybrid events !

This week, we offer you several solutions to set up and make all your events a reality :

– Capturing in your premises for your digital conventions

– Virtual and physical TV sets

– Interactive tools to boost your events

– Live streaming with quality studios

– Your seminars and meetings outdoors

– Receptions that can be made outdoors

– Remote or face-to-face entertainment & teambuilding

Reminder : The principle of a hybrid event is to mix the physical encounter with a digital experience. The event is organized both online and offline to allow all participants to benefit from the same content and be able to interact live.

You have an event to prepare, give us your specifications and we will send you a tailor-made offer.

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Whether it’s product launches, meetings, conventions, general assemblies or conferences, live streaming offers you the opportunity to reach a larger audience and/or one who has not been able to travel. Above all, it’s accessible on a computer, smartphone or tablet. It makes it possible to communicate and also to broadcast a direct speech. Live streaming is a professional solution with 2 or 3 motorized cameras. Also, they are accompanied by a video director to boost the integration of your slides and the capture of live images. In conclusion, this is an essential digital solution for your digital conventions and hybrid events !


Do you want to organize a convention, a seminar, a product launch or a congress that will bring together a large number of people remotely in digital ? We therefore offer you a life-size TV set with a multi-camera control room, personalized decor and lights that correspond to your universe to give you a unique experience.

We will advise you and we will accompany you throughout your project so that your event is a great success !

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Script your event through numerous interventions and make the most of the means of interacting with the audience : zoom, games, live message, interviews, questions/answers, word clouds, emojis, collaborative work sessions, announcements… In fact, your collaborators and/or your customers will become actors of the event and not spectators.

Thus, thanks to the interactive and fun tools, you will be able to transform your events into interactive and engaging experiences.

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Do you need to schedule a conference, meeting, interview or ad-hoc announcement for your internal communication ? Also, do you want to broadcast this event live or replay via streaming ? We therefore offer you the mini live streaming solution, a quality studio for your smallest virtual events.

We will assist you and we will deploy our technical solution on a human scale to make your event a real success !

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Think outside the box and offer your employees moments of escape and break from everyday life. Indeed, choose a warm and friendly atmosphere, an environment that facilitates meeting, reflection and sharing of ideas. The feeling of freedom and simplicity, the change of scenery, will seduce the participants and promote exchanges between them. Whether in the middle of lush greenery, in the middle of the forest, by a lake or in the heart of a vineyard… The seminars in the countryside are conducive to creativity and team spirit in an open and authentic environment.

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Do you want to bring together your employees, clients or partners for a cocktail lunch or dinner ? Don’t wait any longer and send us your specifications ! We have outdoor spaces to meet all your requests. Organize your event on a rooftop, the roof of a barge or a terrace with a breathtaking view of the horizon…

We are at your side and we will accompany you throughout your project to make your event a great success !

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Your goal : to bring your employees together to have a good time together.

Culinary murder in distance, laughter workshop, video game, online escape game, distance cooking lessons, video bingo, live big quiz, DIY activities and workshops, etc…

But also, all the activities and teambuilding that can be done outdoors : adventure in nature, environment and survival, discovery rally and photos in the city, etc…

We offer you various activities and teambuilding totally customizable to be carried out face-to-face or remotely.

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/
  • Mandatory mask wearing :
    Wearing a mask will be made compulsory for each event (meetings or corporate events).
  • Hydroalcoholic gel :
    On each event, participants will be able to benefit from hydroalcoholic gel. The objective is to ensure that everyone can disinfect their hands while respecting barrier gestures.
  • Indoor event distance :
    During an activity, a meeting or a meal, travel will be limited. A seated position around tables will be favored in order to respect the principle of distancing.
  • Outdoor event distance :
    For all outdoor services, the principle of social distancing will be retained.
  • Limitation of the number of participants :
    Depending on government regulations on the date of the event, the number of people accommodated may be limited.

Upon receipt of your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs,

In the meantime, take care of yourself and see you soon !

Best regards,

The entire Séminaires Online team.