Thank and reward your remote employees !

This week, we invite you to thank your teams for their work and their daily adaptation for over a year by offering them :

– An online laughter workshop for a positive and unifying animation all together

– The discovery of Hatha Yoga to relax as a team and remotely

– A blind online wine tasting to discover the taste

– The creation of different cocktails remotely for a sensory and participatory activity

– The delivery of relevant and customizable goodies in the image of your company

You have a digital event to prepare, give us your specifications and we will send you a tailor-made offer.

Séminaires Online -

Participants discover an effective method to awaken the positive and energize the joy of living. They enjoy the benefits of laughter said to be useful. This new approach to management in companies is also beneficial in their personal lives, especially in the health and economic context that we are currently experiencing. This method makes laughter a key resource for addressing themes such as change, crisis, creativity, teamwork, self-confidence, a winning attitude…

Séminaires Online -

When the breath goes with the movement for an awareness of the body, a letting go, a reconnection with oneself and an anchoring in the present. The coach preaches an open practice at all, every body, all ages and all levels, characterized by benevolence and compassion for oneself and others. Finally, this activity brings many benefits : a reduction in anxiety and stress, better team cohesion, a feeling of well-being, better physical and mental health…

Séminaires Online -

This is an entertainment and tasting commented in a fun, dynamic, friendly, simple and accessible way. Indeed, it’s an initiation into the art of tasting while emphasizing creativity and pedagogy around the discovery of taste (game of aromas, quizzes, historical anecdotes, food & wine pairings). Discover the great wine regions, its different terroirs, grape varieties and appellations. Finally, this animation is carried out by an expert sommelier with the delivery of the tastings in advance.

Séminaires Online -

An animation that awakens your senses and highlights your overflowing and imaginative creativity ! The creation of cocktails is a sensory and participative moment to energize your videoconference meetings. We offer upstream delivery of a complete box containing the ingredients needed to make cocktails. Also, delivery is possible to the home of each participant or delivery to a single point.
You don’t need to be an experienced bartender to try, dare and create !

Séminaires Online -

Select and send relevant and personalized goodies to your business image.
Notebooks, pens, headphones, powerbank, Bluetooth speaker, skipping rope, water bottle for sports, yoga mats, isothermal mugs… But also, scented candles, decorative plants, kitchen set, set of fitness accessories, wine seal or sommelier set, bag and travel sets…
You can choose whatever you like from a wide range of customizable products !

Upon receipt of your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs,

In the meantime, take care of yourself and see you soon !

Best regards,

The entire Séminaires Online team.