During a digital event, consider reducing your schedule for the day to keep your audience awake ! *

* Never duplicate your face-to-face schedule with the remote one.


This week, we offer you an example of a schedule for your next digital event :

08H45 – 09H00 : Arrival of participants and connection to the online platform.

09H00 – 11H00 : Word of welcome and Ice Breaker. The event will be led and moderated by a master of ceremonies.
Remote digital convention with replay on your videoconferencing tool, coupled with interactive tools to energize and always stay active during your event.

11H00 – 11H15 : Pause.

11H15 – 12H00Speech by an external speaker in relation to the topic of your event so that his intervention echoes the speech previously mentioned.

12H00 – 14H00 : Lunch at a distance with meal trays sending in advance.
Delivery possible throughout France.

14H00 – 15H00 : Resumption of the event, speaking from the various departments.
Online interaction with interactive tools (questions/answers, quiz/vote online word cloud…).

15H00 – 16H30 : Themed and personalized teambuilding in the colors of the company.

16H30 : Closing with a snack box sent to the home of each participant. Let’s all drink together !

17h00 : Reveal with the photos of each that appear as a message (Thank you for example) or with the logo of the company.

End of the event.

You have a digital event to prepare, give us your specifications and we will send you a tailor-made offer.

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First, an ice-breaker allows participants to quickly get to know each other (better) during a collaborative working session, meeting, training, workshop, seminar or any other event. The goal is to dispel any embarrassment that there may be, to create bonds necessary for collaboration, but also and quite simply to set a team in motion. Finally, an ice-breaker usually comes in the form of a fun exercise or a moment of sharing and listening.

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/

Whether you want to give meaning, impact, dare to be bold, break codes, exceed your limits, challenge, transgress… Or, optimize the content to add value. But also, to have a hilarious and visual show of a new genre mixing dance, sound effects made live, mime, stand-up, with a touch of poetry… We offer you masters of ceremonies, journalists, presenters, comedians , speakers… of qualities to make your events a success !

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/

Whether it’s product launches, meetings, conventions, general assemblies or conferences, live streaming offers the opportunity to reach a larger audience and/or could not move. Accessible on computer, smartphone or tablet, it allows you to communicate and broadcast live speeches. Also, live streaming is a professional solution with 2 or 3 motorized cameras accompanied by a video director to boost the integration of your slides and the capture of live images.
An essential digital solution for your events !

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/

Script your event through many interventions and maximize the means of interacting with the audience : zoom, games, live message, interviews, questions/answers, word cloud, emojis, collaborative work sessions, announcements, etc… Your collaborators and/or your customers will become actors of the event and not only spectators.

Through interactive and fun tools you can transform your events into interactive and engaging experiences.

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/

Your goal : to bring your employees together to have a good time together.

Culinary murder in distance, laughter workshop, video game, online escape game, distance cooking lessons, video bingo, live big quiz, DIY activities and workshops, etc…

We offer you various fully customizable activities and teambuilding to be carried out remotely. Thus, you will be able to strengthen the links between the collaborators and not lose contact.

Séminaires Online - https://seminaires-online.com/

Choose a gourmet break, authentic and relaxed, for your employees and clients :

– Snack box including : 1 bottle of champagne, 2 crystal plastic cups and 4 small sweet pieces.

– Aperitif box including : 1 BAPBAP craft beer, 1 jar of your choice of craft spread (veggie, meat or fish), 1 packet of grilled chickpeas with curry, 1 wooden knife, a napkin and 1 cardboard cup.
Your boxes will be delivered in linen bundles.

Upon receipt of your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs,

In the meantime, take care of yourself and see you soon !

Best regards,

The entire Séminaires Online team.