Remote cultural events & teambuildings !


This week, we are offering remote cultural activities :

– Unusual guided tour online :
* The Roaring Twenties
* The district of New Athens

– Online challenge : The emblematic personalities of Paris

– Online Investigation Game : Criminals of the Bastille

– Cultural animation by videoconference

– Teambuilding and cultural connected to your company’s image

The main objective of these animations is to entertain and enrich your employees so that they have a good time together.

If you need to develop remote animations in the image of your company, entrust us with your specifications and we will send you a tailor-made offer.

Come and discover, during an online guided tour, how the Chemin de Montparnasse in the 15th arrondissement of Paris became one of the unmissable places of the artistic avant-garde of the Roaring Twenties ! During this unusual online tour, you will explore this dead end, preserved from time and full of stories and anecdotes about the greatest artists of this period.
Hangouts between friends, an assassination attempt, artistic revolutions, a couple with a tragic destiny… It’s a compendium of lives, wonders and dramas that will come alive before your eyes.
Come and discover the sumptuous neoclassical hotels inspired by Greek antiquity in the New Athens district and let yourself be carried away by the ardor of the great romantic artists ! Built in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris at the start of the 19th century, this little-known district was for a long time the favorite place of the greatest romantic artists of the time.
Chopin, Wagner, Sand, Dumas… All of them have lived there and have mingled there! This superb district bordered by beautiful buildings flanked by gardens was thus at the heart of a varied artistic creation which contributed to the international influence of France.
How about discovering the emblematic personalities of Paris through an unusual online team game ? The history of Paris has been marked over time by many characters that we all think we know… But do you really know them ? And will you be able to join their very closed clubs. Architects, musicians, singers, writers, painters, actors : all of them have left an indelible mark on the “City of Light” and its history. Take on Paris and (re) discover these great Parisian figures through a multitude of unusual challenges.
In the 17th century, France was at its peak and King Louis XIV established his authority over all of Paris. But a series of suspicious deaths threatens to disturb the tranquility of his reign. Nicolas de La Reynie, lieutenant general of police, must imperatively find the culprits of this dark affair. Divided into a team, you play as criminals locked up in the Bastille that Nicolas de La Reynie decides to call on to help him lift the veil on this affair. Take part in a thrilling adventure and solve this investigation to avoid returning to your cell !

Open your mind and the windows of your browsers for a cultural and friendly break with your colleagues during a fun and participatory video-conference event. Through various challenges, this challenge will appeal to your cultural and artistic knowledge, but also to your creativity and your imagination. A perfect animation to strengthen the bonds between colleagues and create cohesion, despite the physical distance.

Example : Each participant is given the same work. Everyone must try, with the means at hand and the objects at their disposal at home, to recompose the work as faithfully as possible. Then everyone shares the photo of their creation. Points can be awarded for originality, respect for instructions, but also for humor.


Continue to be closer to your teams, to federate them, to motivate them and to maintain the dynamism and team cohesion within your company !

From Prehistory to the present day, your team will have to solve puzzles specific to the big cities of France. There is bound to be one near you that totally resonates with the history of your company and / or its industry ! A treasure hunt accessible to all : participants take on the roles of investigators and call on their collective thinking and creativity. A team building that can be personalized on the history and activity of your company. It is a guaranteed change of scenery, a trip to France, through the evolution of art in history.

Upon receipt of your specifications, we will make an appointment and we will find solutions adapted to your needs,

In the meantime, take care of yourself and see you soon !

Best regards,

The entire Séminaires Online team.