Boost your teambuilding remotely with boxes delivered to each home of your employees !


This week, we are offering you activities with the sending of a package to increase interactivity during your event :

– Remote creation of cocktails
– Live cooking class
– Discover the secrets of chocolate
– Blind wine tasting
– Remote animation with a magician / mentalist.

Indeed, the main objective of these animations is to recreate the link and the good mood within your company.

If you need to develop an interactive event with your employees, entrust us with your specifications and we will send you a tailor-made offer corresponding to your company’s image.

An animation that awakens your senses and highlights your overflowing and imaginative creativity ! The creation of cocktails is a real sensory and participative treat to boost your videoconference meetings. In addition, we offer upstream delivery of a complete box containing the ingredients necessary for the preparation of cocktails. Also, delivery is possible to the home of each participant or delivery to a single point.
You don’t need to be an experienced bartender to try, dare and create !
Cooking workshops and pastry visio for 1 or 2 hours. To begin, it’s a moment of meeting and sharing with an expert chef who gives you personalized advice. But also, an interactive course in a small group with about ten participants where everyone gets their hands dirty. Finally, we offer the upstream delivery of a kit of ingredients necessary for the planned recipe (s). In addition, the delivery can be to the home of each participant or a delivery to a single point. Keep contact and friendliness at a distance !
Stories, crisp anecdotes and many tastings of refined and surprising chocolates to savor through a journey around the senses. In short, a fun and friendly activity to share with your employees ! In addition, we offer the prior delivery of a tasting box + a box of chocolate to taste with those around you. But also, delivery is possible worldwide.
An animation and tasting commented playfully, dynamic, friendly, simple and accessible. Also, it is an introduction to the art of tasting while emphasizing creativity and pedagogy around the discovery of taste (game of aromas, quizzes, historical anecdotes, food & wine pairings). Finally, this animation is carried out by an expert sommelier with a delivery of the tastings in advance.

Before the event, your employees will receive an “Abracadabra” box containing 5 unique experiences. While waiting for D-Day, participants will be able to access the platform from their smartphone using the QR code printed on the box. All participants will discover in the box some accessories and magical objects to use during and after the show. These experiences have been designed to be carried out remotely and allow you to create a strong link before, during and after your event.

In addition, the day of your event, the artist performer will perform several remote mentalist animations. He will also explain that the event will be particularly interactive.

Example of animation :

The interpreter will base his intervention on the concept of a team and will wish to demonstrate the particular bond that can be found within certain teams. To begin with, he will ask each participant to think of a word. Or, to choose from the cards printed with a word in the box. After that, he will ask the collaborators to reveal their words together, to the camera. In conclusion, after multiple choices and endless possibilities, an absolutely incredible coincidence appears. Everyone will have chosen the same word “FAMILY”. This is called the invisible link of a team.

After the show, he will explain how to use the props and other magical tricks inside the box. They allow your employees to surprise their loved ones after the us with your specifications and we will send you a tailor-made offer corresponding to your company’s image.

Upon receipt of your specifications, we will make an appointment together to find the most suitable solutions, 

In the meantime, take care of yourself and see you soon !

Best regards,

The entire Séminaires Online team.