Targeted and interactive solutions for your remote convention !


This week, Séminaires Online offers you to organize your remote conventions with :

Firstly, the setting up of a TV platform allowing employees to actively participate in the agreement with interactive tools. The main goal is that the collaborators become actors of your event and not spectators.

Secondly, a led wall allowing all your employees to see each other at the same time.

Thirdly, sending a box to each of your collaborators on the theme of magic in order to lead them into a fantasy world with accessories they will have received a few days before.

Our goal is to hold throughout the event your employees in suspense and encourage them to participate actively in the remote convention.

Entrust us with your specifications and we will send you a tailor-made offer corresponding to your company’s image.


Do you want to organize a convention, a seminar, a product launch or a congress ? Will your event bring together a large number of remote digital people ? We offer you a life-size TV set with a multi camera control ! But also, a personalized decor with lights that correspond to your universe.
We will advise you and we will accompany you throughout your project so that your event is a great success !
Do you want to involve your employees and allow them to see each other together ?
We offer you the opportunity to come together and live a unique and interactive experience during your convention. In fact, the goal is to share the same experience whatever your location.
We will assist you and we will deploy the technical solution best suited to your needs so that your event is a real success.

Before the event, your employees will receive an “Abracadabra” box containing 5 unique experiences. While waiting for D-Day, participants will be able to access the platform from their smartphone using the QR code printed on the box. All participants will discover in the box some accessories and magical objects to use during and after the show. These experiences have been designed to be carried out remotely and allow you to create a strong link before, during and after your event.

In addition, the day of your event, the artist performer will perform several remote mentalist animations. He will also explain that the event will be particularly interactive.

Example of animation :

The interpreter will base his intervention on the concept of a team and will wish to demonstrate the particular bond that can be found within certain teams. To begin with, he will ask each participant to think of a word. Or, to choose from the cards printed with a word in the box. After that, he will ask the collaborators to reveal their words together, to the camera. In conclusion, after multiple choices and endless possibilities, an absolutely incredible coincidence appears. Everyone will have chosen the same word “FAMILY”. This is called the invisible link of a team.

After the show, he will explain how to use the props and other magical tricks inside the box. They allow your employees to surprise their loved ones after the us with your specifications and we will send you a tailor-made offer corresponding to your company’s image.

Séminaires Online brings you the ideal solutions suitable for your employees, responding to all your projects (seminars, meetings, conventions, congresses, workshops, entertainments and teambuilding…) and all your desires in complete safety !

We are at your disposal to discuss and propose tailored offerings to meet your needs and expectations.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and see you soon !

Best regards,

The entire Séminaires Online team.